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Why choose LoveClic?

At LoveClic we specialise in all aspects of wedding imagery. Whether that be Photography, Videography or both combined. We have the skills and experience needed to capture YOUR wedding at its best!

We strongly believe that THE single most important quality of any great wedding photographer is - ADAPTABILITY!  


A wedding day is an organic thing. Environments, weather and lighting are just a few factors that change throughout the course of the day and the ability to adapt to these factors are what we, as a company, are about.


We’re an energetic, fun, enthusiastic pair of guys who take fantastic photos. We love what we do and have a great time doing it.  We like to mingle and get to know your guests, which ultimately allows us to capture those personal moments in more candid fashion. We have built up a great reputation with our brides (and grooms) for settling their nerves with our down to earth approach. 


At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy YOUR wedding to its fullest. We’ve shot hundreds of weddings over the years and during that time have  developed a unique style of portraiture that we believe can’t be matched. 

Unlike a lot of photographers who work alone or with an assistant shooter we are two professionals working simultaneously to provide you with the best possible coverage of your day.


It’s not our style to be safe and boring. We’ll always look for that different shot, the personal touch, that hard to get angle and find ourselves in all sorts of nooks and crannies... all with the aim of capturing you the best possible results.

Think twice before booking a photographer in a suit! 99% of the time these photographers won’t be prepared to get to those awkward spots to capture you that once in a lifetime shot. Neither will they be able to adapt quickly to seize that perfect moment or unusual angle. 


We have yet to come back from a wedding with our clothes looking fresh and we pride ourselves on the blood, sweat and tears we shed for you during your big day.

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The Wedding Movie

The "Wedding Movie"

At LoveClic we create emotive, timeless pieces of cinema for you to cherish for the rest of your lives.


We have been producing films for over 5 years, during which time we have shot dozens of weddings, pieces for TV and bespoke imagery for a range of high profile clients.

Our progression from predominantly shooting stills was a natural one - helped by our love of cinema classics and a gripping TV series.


To capture that cinematic look we use a wide range of DSLR cameras, gimbals, jibs and sliders. These gadgets aid us in creating the movement and the reveals needed for an authentic hollywood feel. 

We  firmly believe that shooting stills and video simultaneously makes sense. We are in the right positions to capture the action already and setting up dual medium, with the aid of a 3rd shooter, cuts the distractions to a minimum.

Wedding Movies
The Big Day
The Pre-Wedding Shoot

The Pre-Wedding Shoot

Having your photo taken isn’t for everyone. We’ve yet to shoot a wedding where we don’t hear the words “oh, I don’t like having my picture taken” or “can you take it from my better side”. This is where a pre-wedding shoot is invaluable. Not only do you get some beautiful keepsake imagery but you’ll gain confidence while learning how the two of us work with you on THE big day. 

Our sessions last around an hour/hour and a half and during that time we’ll get to spend some quality time together as we get to know each other and have a laugh and a chuckle in the process.


We work candidly, capturing your natural interaction with one another. We’ve worked at numerous locations in the North East of Wales and Cheshire and can adapt to any environment and weather conditions. Whether it be a rainy day at a castle or a glorious sunny day in a corn field - we work together to get YOU the very best results.

The Big Day!

The Big Day has arrived. All those months/years of planning are about to come to fruition.....the Venue is being prepared, the make-up artist is sorting their plethora of tools and you are up ridiculously early twiddling your thumbs, tinged with a nervous excitement that words can barely quantify.

We are en route too, all our kit cleaned, charged and loaded. We enjoy the drive to our destination, it usually involves a McDonalds breakfast and a chat.....we are excited too, not only for you both, but for the endless possibilities at capturing some ace imagery. When the day comes that we are not excited at shooting a wedding we'll move on to new ventures....skydiving or something.

Depending on the package you have booked this is where our day gets real interesting! We'll get the lay of the land at our venue, catch up with you both and whip the cameras to get cracking.....all you have to do is sit back, take a deep breath and steady yourselves for the events that are to unfold.


The adage that this day is truly one of the best days of your lives, is true, so enjoy it, don't sweat the small things and soak it all in. We'll be there every step of the way with you both, to help if need be and to capture moments that you miss and beautifully document this momentous occasion.


Today is a GREAT day and we are truly honoured to be a part of it!

Wedding Images
Our Story

The year was 2010 and Daf was working as a designer / photographer in the motorsport industry. He was marrying his beloved Rebecca and they were in desperate need for a photographer. 


Lucky for them, during that time, Steve was working with Rebecca as a Press Photographer in North Wales Newspapers. Over a heavy night on the town Steve agreed to lease his services for their wedding for an undervalued price.


The next morning Steve instantly regretted his decision but staying true to his word he stayed committed.


Daf met Steve on his wedding day. He thought he was a bit weird. Steve thought Daf was chubby. They got on like a house on fire! In fact they got on so well that they stayed in touch and started shooting weddings together. 


6 years on and  hundreds of weddings covered they’re still the closest of friends and still enjoy working with each other. They share the same hobbies and interests and argue regularly with one another. In fact, they’re like an old married couple themselves.


Daf still thinks Steve’s a bit weird... and Steve thinks Daf’s even chubbier.

The "LoveClic" Story!


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